July 29, 2016
Welcome to Week #2
of the
San Diego Pool League!
Our 77th Season!

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  • S16-WK11a
  • S16-WK6-1

 Upcoming Events

•   Rules Meeting #1  
      Sun, Jul 24th @ JTs 12noon
•   Board Meeting #1  
      Sun, Jul 24th @ Ann's 3:30
•   Second Night of Match Play   
      Mon, Jul 25th @ Home Sponsors


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  • F2016 Elections- 


This season, President, Treasurer and Community Relations are up for elections. Players interested should note their intentions on your scoresheets over the 1st 4 weeks of match play. Nominations will close on August 9th. After nominations are closed nominees are allowed a write-up of up to 75 words in Table Talk to support their running for a position.

Players interested in becoming a Board Member at Large, contact any Board Member.

  • San Diego Pride Parade - 

  • The Los Angeles Pool League hosted West Coast Challenge LXXIII - 

Dates: Jul 8-10, 2016
Location:   La Quinta Inn at LAX
                   5249 West Century Boulevard
                   Los Angeles, CA 90045



 The Los Angeles Pool League inducted two members into the West Coast Challenge Hall-of-Fame, Bryan Heneiwich and Phil Stephens.

Here are the WCC 73 results ... !

Women's Individuals

1st: Amy Peterson (LB)
2nd: Rhonda Graves (SD)
3rd: Melisa Goldstein (SD)
4th: Malisa Mapu (LA)

Open Individuals

1st: Nick Downey (LB)
2nd: Lauren Ward (LB) 
3rd: Lauren Ward (LB) 
4th: Ernie Elliott (SD)
5th: Luiz Abarca (SD)
6th: Mike Maxwell (SF)
7th: Jeremy Staton (SD)
8th: Dave Timko (SF)


Team - 

1st: Long Beach - "Brooks Secret Service"

      Brook Thomason, Tom Downey,
      Mark Whitehead, Tommy Punzalan,
      Dan Campbell, Omar Vachhani
2nd: San Diego - "Surf n Sand"
3rd: San Francisco - "Better Slate than Never"
4th: Los Angeles - "White on Rice"


Hi/Lo Team - Los Angeles

1st:  Tom Seymour/Mark Sorenson (SF) 
2nd: Jose Torres/Tod Davenport (LA)
3rd: Stuart Duffy/David Laguana (SD)
4th: Luis Morales/Xtina Garcia (LB)

S2016 SDPL WCC LXXIII Contingent

Women's Individual
1st Gina Zide
2nd Pat Lowery
3rd Melisa Goldstein
4th Rhonda Graves

Open Individuals
1st Luis Abarca
2nd Ernie Elliott
3rd Mike Romano
4th Joe Myers 
5th Jeramy Staton 
6th Pauley Pace 
7th Gordon Byom 
8th Ben Nord

Stuart Duffy
David Laguana

1st Place League Team  "Surf n Sand"
Brad Hasper - Captain
Joe Corder - Co-Captain
Stevan Bailey
Mark Jones
Allan Badillo
Tim Burke

Jorge Calvo
Ann Camonayan
Gordon Byom
Christi Ross
Kevin Hewitt

SDPL Board
President - Ann Camonayan
Vice President - Jorge Calvo
Secretary - Ron Rinker
Statistician - Gordon Byom
Treasurer - Karen Fort
Community Relations - Michael Gallardo
Member at Large - KC Wood

  • Captain's Log

For questions over Rules of Play during league night, please call Jorge Calvo (760) 717-9900.


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The Super Stars

Week #2


EGL-2 Brian Purcell
FLK-2 Kyle Matthews
LRM-5 Norma Posy
JTS-1 Joe Driscoll
SRO-2 Brian Falcon
SRO-2 Nam Huynh
ALI-3 Abdul Ibrahim
LRM-1 Bruce Hartsuyka
ONE-2 David Arnett
ONE-2 Jeff Praught

Table Runs

CRI-1 Bill Shore
LRM-3 Jeff Brayshaw
ONE-1 Patrick Fulton

1st Place Teams

A Division is EGL-2
B Division is FLK-2
C Division is SRO-2
D Division is ONE-2

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