Welcome to the Spring 2015 season! As with each new season the schedule may need to be adjusted. Please check back on occasion to ensure you are using the current information. Schedule changes will be announced on the main page of this website.
Captains, if you do not have a contact number of the team you need to play to make arrangements for a make up match, please contact any board member by e-mail (see web site for e-mail address).

    • End of Season Tournaments and SDPL Banquet Qualification!

Captains: It's time to make sure all of your teammates will qualify for the end of season tournaments and complementary banquet. To qualify for tournaments or the Top 20 list one has to have played at least 50% of the total possible games. To qualify for complementary banquet and trophies one has to have at least 25%.

A Division: 50% = 28 games. 25% = 14 games
B and C Divisions: 50% = 24 games. 25% = 12 games.

Please try to turn in your score sheet at the Eagle on Monday night after the match or on Tuesday by 7:00pm. If for some reason you need to turn it in later than that please send me a quick text letting me know and attach a photo of the score sheet. Any score sheet and money turned in after Tues at 7:00pm will result in a 5 dollar fine.

Postponed Matches:
Wk 3: B Div -- GIL-1 @ GIL-4 Rescheduled for ???
Wk 6: C Div -- EGL-1 @ PEC-2 Rescheduled for ???
Wk 8: A Div -- PEC-3 @ GGR-1 Rescheduled for Oct 28.
Wk 11: A Div -- HEH-1 @ BKR-1 Rescheduled for ???
Wk 11: A Div -- GIL-2 @ GGR-1 Rescheduled for ???
Wk 11: B Div -- SRO-1 @ GIL-4 Rescheduled for ???

Gordon L. Byom -
San Diego Pool League Statistition