West Coast Challenge

The West Coast Challenge brings together the top players from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Long Beach and San Diego, to compete in a series of 8-ball tournaments. These tournaments include a Team, Open Individuals, Women's Individuals, and a Hi/Lo Team event. 

Each city takes a turn in hosting the West Coast Challenge and the event is held twice a year at the conclusion of each cities regular season.


Charter Members of WCC Hall of Fame

  •    San Diego:        Doyle Fisher, Brad Hasper, David Heinen, Steve Holt,
                                 Meta Neuschler, Mike Passante, and Kim  Walker
  •    Long Beach:     Henry Carr, Jill Chop, Rich Curtis, Stacey Harris,
                                 Jonnie Le Master, Terry Martin, Joey Reda, 
                                 Janet Roberts, Art Christensen, and Gary Vanderwaal          
  •    Los Angeles:    Paul H. Bussiere, Frank Bustamante, John Cochran,
                                 Jack Frohman, Jeffrey Hersh, Bob Holden, Bill Hoover,
                                 Lauren Ward (SF/LA/LB), and Joe Dale (LB)
  •    San Francisco:  Rick Bradford, Lisa Duncan, Rick Mariani, Gene Miller,
                                 Luby Pelletier, Lynn Westhoven and Elliot "EZ" Zalta





Gina Zide(San Diego) July 2019

"I've played pool since I was a kid. My dad who made pool cues taught me well. I started playing in the league in the late 90's and started out at Bourbon Street. I also played at Flicks, Eagle, Redwing, Alibi, Shooterz, Moby Dicks, and PECs." Gina has played at many WCC's. She has played in Women's and on Team events. She has taken 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place finishes in Women's.


Michael Loyer (San Diego) July 2019

After moving to San Diego from Alaska in 1988, Michael Loyer joined the San Diego Pool League in 1991 playing out of Club San Francisco. Michael's first appearance at the WCC was in early 90's and though he didn't trophy, the experience galvanized his love for the game. His first trophy was a 2nd place finish in Open Individuals in January 2000. At the 50th WCC, in January 2005, Michael made his first appearance of 6, as a Hi player for the Hi/Lo team and took home a 1st place trophy. Over the years Michael has also attended the WCC many times, as a referee, and as Member-at-Large, Community Relations, and Vice-President for the SDPL


Jorge Calvo (San Diego) July 2019

Jorge joined the San Diego Pool League in Fall of 1999. He has served on the Board of Directors for over 13 years starting in 2006. Positions held was Statistician, Vice President and President. Jorge has been a referee and has played at the WCC many times as an Open Individual and Hi-Lo. Jorge has placed 8th in Open Individuals and 1st in Hi-Lo. Jorge has also been an active WCC committee member making changes and improvements for the betterment of the league.


Gordon Byom (San Diego) July 2019

Gordon first started shooting pool at the age of 7 on an antique 9 foot table in "Uncle Elwoods's" basement in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. That was in 1965 and he's been an addict ever since. He played on the Eagle C or D division team for one season in 1994, rejoined the league in B division in 2008 and has been with the San Diego Pool League ever since. On his first season in 2008 he was the top rated shooter in B division and qualified for the #8 seed for in Los Angeles. Shortly before his first match he learned that his opponent was the #1 seed from Los Angeles. At first he was devastated but had a Zen moment and decided to relax and have fun with the guy. He beat him 3-1. Gordon has attended West Coast Challenge very nearly every season since then either in Individuals, Tops & Bottoms (Hi/Lo) or as a referee and has taken several WCC trophies. He served as Statistician for the SDPL for 7.5 years and is currently taking over as Vice President to fill a board vacancy.


Jay Wunderl (San Diego) July 2017

Jay Began his West Coast Challenge debut in 1991. After taking first place in the San Diego Pool League (SDPL) finals, he proceeded to take 2nd place at his first ever appearance as a individual during WCC 23, 1991 in San Diego. In the following years, Jay participated in the WCC thirteen more times placing 2nd again, 3rd and 5th (twice). He also participated in winning two first place team trophies (WCC 34 & 38) during this period. After an eight year break from pool to focus on his blossoming career, Jay rejoined the SDPL in 2010. He then qualified for the WCC as an individual in the spring of 2012, and subsequently through WCC 73, Jay consistently participated six additional times (2 individual, 3 team, 1 Hi/Low), winning a WCC team trophy during WCC 63. Through the spring of 2017, Jay has dependently represented San Diego 20 times and with his masterful and meticulous style, brought home 8 trophies.


Ernie Elliott (San Diego) June 2015

Ernie Elliott began his journey to the WCC Hall of Fame in 1996 where as a newcomer to the San Diego Pool League (SDPL) finished 1st in the Tops & Bottoms tournament and earned a trip to San Francisco. From there Ernie went on to participate in 3 WCC Open Individual competitions before finally breaking into the trophy round with a 7th place finish at WCC 46. Ernie moved up several positions the following season finishing 2nd in Open Individuals and then at WCC 48 in Long Beach finished on top following an epic finals match with WCC Hall of Fame inductee and fellow SDPL member David Heinen. Although Ernie didn’t have much success in his following three WCC Open Individual appearances, in his second attempt in the Hi/Lo competition at WCC 56 in Long Beach, this time as a “Hi”, he finished first. Since then Ernie has been a WCC consistent trophy recipient, collecting another 5 top 8 finishes including his second 1st place finish at WCC 67 in San Diego. In addition to Ernie’s success in Open Individuals and his one victory in 3 attempts in the Hi/Lo, Ernie has also participated in 3 WCC team competitions, having to opt out of the fourth trip due to the passing of his husband, Earl  



Jeff Brayshaw (San Diego) June 2015

Jeff Brayshaw made his first of many appearances at WCC 39 in San Diego as a member of the Shooterz team. It took another four more trips to WCC as a member of both Shooterz and Numbers before Jeff would capture his first WCC team championship as a member of the Moby Dicks team at WCC 45 in Los Angeles. Two season later Jeff would capture his 2nd team championship in San Diego and then, following 6 unsuccessful tries to capture his 3rd championship Jeff’s team would begin their unmatched WCC team competition dominance by capturing 4 WCC team championships in a row! In doing so Jeff joins fellow teammates Joe Myers, Ben Pham, Kim Walker and Stevan Bailey as the only WCC participants with 4 WCC team championships in a row, and joins 3 of those same teammates in the WCC Hall of Fame with the 5th member of that team soon to follow. Overall Jeff has participated in 20 WCC team competitions with 7 wins and has participated in one individuals competition. 


Joe Corder (San Diego) July 2013

Joe Corder began his play with the San Diego Pool League back in 1985 as a member of the Whistle Stop team. He played in his 1st WCC individual competition in the fall of 1986 in Reno at WCC XIV. Over the next 28 years Joe would finish in his cities top 8, 13 times and participated in another 6 WCC individual competitions with 2 top 8 finishes. Joe played in his 1st WCC team competition in the spring of 1989 as a member of the Boston Pub team and won his 1st WCC team championship at WCC XLVII as a member of the Moby Dicks team. Throughout his many years of participation Joe played on 14 San Diego top teams and has 5 WCC team championships. Joe’s dedication to his league is defined not only by his many seasons of participation as a team player or his success in both team and individual competitions but also as a participant in many league special event tournaments as evident by his participation in 2 WCC HI/LOW competitions.


Joe Myers (San Diego) July 2013

Joe Myers began his march to the WCC Hall of Fame in his 1st season with the San Diego Pool League in the spring of 2001 playing out of Numbers where he not only finished 1st in individuals but also went on to finish in 2nd place in his first WCC individual competition in L.A. at WCC XLI. Joe finished in the top 8 in San Diego’s individual competition 22 times, including 10 first place finishes but the no duplication rule restricted his WCC individual participation to just 9 times where he captured 1 individual championship, 4 seconds and another 2, 3rd – 8th.Joe captured in his 1st WCC team championship as a member of MOBY DICKS in the fall of 2002 at WCC XLVII in San Diego. Through the fall of 2012 Joe has participated in a total of 13 WCC team competitions and has walked away with 6 WCC team championships. Joe also shares the WCC record, along with 4 of his teammates, as being a member of the only team to capture 4 consecutive WCC team championships.


Jim Hennessy (San Diego) July 2013

Jim Hennessy finished 1st in individuals in his 1st season with the San Diego Pool League in the spring of 1981 playing out of Park Place and participated in WCC III . The following season Jim played in both individuals and team competition as a member of the CLUB SAN FRANCISCO. Jim denied Los Angeles a sweep of the top 4 by finishing 1st. Jim was the 1st individual to capture back to back WCC individual titles doing so at WCC X and WCC XI, one of only 4 individuals to have captured 4 or more WCC individual titles and is the ONLY individual to have accomplished that feat at a time when players were able to compete in both individual and team competition, and where the “BEST” 5 individuals from San Diego, San Francisco and Los Angeles participated. Overall Jim would participate in 21 individual competitions and in addition to his 4 top individual honors finished 10 other times in 2nd through 5th place. Jim won his 1st WCC team competition at WCC XII in San Diego and all together participated in 16 Team competitions with 3 1st place finishes.


Bill Dorman (San Diego) July 2011

Bill has been a member of the San Diego Pool League (now S.D.P.A.) since 1989. He has been a team captain for all but 2 seasons and has served the board 4 different times as Secretary and Vice President. For the last year he has served as Vice President and Head Referee, trying endlessly to bring sportsmanship back to the league. Bill has been a referee at many WCC's and has been in the individuals on 3 occasions. Everyone enjoys playing his team which has won the coveted good sportsmanship trophy, the only trophy of its kind given out in recent memory.


Pat Lowery (San Diego) July 2009

Pat has been an active member of the San Diego Pool League since 1987. Pat has volunteered and contributed many long hours to the San Diego Pool League as past President, Treasurer and Head Referee. As a Board Member, she brings a level of dedication and hard work which our members have appreciated. She also has an exemplary SDPL performance record placing in many league events, such as Women’s Open, Open Individuals, and Tops and Bottoms, and has qualified for a place at many West Coast Challenge events. She has played once in the Open Individuals and Hi-Lo events, 14 times in the Women’s event, taking home a 3rd place finish and 4th place twice. She is a tough competitor but always plays with good sportsmanship.


Terri Estep (San Diego) July 2007

There is so much to be said about Terri Estep: she has done an outstanding job representing the league. Both with her competitiveness and the many years on the board, Terri has been a very active part of our league always striving for excellence for herself and other members. Terri became the 1st San Diego women to ever win the West Coast Challenge Women's Competition in Spring 2005 and did it in San Diego. Terri's performance record is only overshadowed by her service for the league. A top player, and outstanding record and over all good person would best describe Terri Estep.


Nigel Mayer (San Diego) July 2007

Nigel Mayer has been a supporting member of our league and a sponsoring bar owner. Back in the fall of 1993 Nigel's performance record began with a 2nd place finish in the Clemens Captains Classic. Since then he has won and placed many events, 2nd place in Tops/Bottoms, 1st Place 5 times in the Clemens Classic, 7th and 8th in Open Individuals, 1st place twice in Team Event and taking 1st place individuals in the Las Vegas invitations Tournament in Spring 1995. A super guy and a super competitor is Nigel Mayer.


Doyle Fisher (San Diego) Charter Member July 2005

Raised in Colorado , Doyle Fisher moved to San Diego in 1978 from Whittier , California . He became involved in 1984 and was elected to the board as Head Referee in 1985. His first involvement with the West Coast Challenge was at WCC XI in S.F. where he came to the rescue of the S.F. board and helped to organize the brackets and help run the weekend tournament. Serving as both President and Vice-President/Head Referee for the San Diego Pool Association, Doyle has attended more WCC board meetings and coordinated more S.D. WCC events than any other member of the SDPA. Doyle's only WCC play as a player was as a member of San Diego 's Hi/Lo team.


Brad Hasper (San Diego) Charter Member 2005

A long time league member in the San Diego Pool Association. He took home his 1st place team trophy in the spring of 1982. He went on to win 1st place in the team playoffs and represent San Diego a total of twenty-one more times. He also won the Tops & Bottoms tournament in San Diego twice, winning the West Coast Challenge Hi/Lo competition in January of 1993. Additionally, he placed seventeen times in the SDPA Open Individual tournament, playing twice at the WCC.


David Heinen (San Diego) Charter Member 2005

Won his first trophy in the spring of 1980 at the SDPAs Open Individual tournament, taking 4th place. He placed in this same tournament a total of 26 times, winning 1st place 4 times. Representing SD in the West Coast Challenge on the first place team a total of 22 times winning five 1st place victories. In the spring of 1991 he received on of SD's first Hall of Fame and Distinguished Service Awards. In the spring of 2003, not only was he honored as a title holder in the SDPA, but was presented with a special commendation as a league member from the San Diego City Council, California State Assembly, and the US Congress. In the WCC he placed in the Open Individuals a total of 14 times, winning 1st place 5 times. He is tied with another San Diegan, Jim Hennessey, for the most 1st place victories at the WCC Open tournament with four.


Steve Holt (San Diego) Charter Member 2005

Steve Holt was raised in San Francisco and moved to San Diego after joining the Navy in 1962. Steve is a founding member of the SD Pool Association (which began in 1978 as the "Stick Strokers") and was league treasurer and West Coast Challenge board member from 1980 till his retirement from the board in 1997. Steve captured the 1st ever WCC trophy with his 4th place Individuals finish at WCC 1 in L.A. After 54 seasons as a member of the San Diego Pool Association and numerous 2nd and 3rd place team finishes, Steve finally got to attend his first WCC as a member of a First Place Team at WCC 50 in San Francisco . In addition to his 4th place finish in individuals at WCC I, Steve has participated as an individual 5 other times finishing 2nd twice, 3rd twice.


Meta Neuschler (San Diego) Charter Member 2005

This nominee first appeared on the San Diego Pool Association's scope in the spring of 1988, winning third place in the Women's competition. She has served as both Treasurer and Statistician on the board. In addition, she has proven herself to be a strong and generous competitor, teammate and sportsman (women). Winning a position in San Diego 's top four females, she has participated in the West Coast Challenge Women's competition a total of 23 times. Placing both 2nd and 4th.


Mike Passante (San Diego) Charter Member 2005

Mike Passante was born in Astoria N.Y. and moved to San Diego in 1980 from Tucson, Arizona where he attended college at the U of A. Mike became a member of the SDPA in the fall of 1980. Mike's team captured S.D.'s first West Coast Challenge Team Championship at WCC IX in S.D.. From 1985 to 1995 Mike served as a WCC board member and 11 season as President. Mike's WCC proposals included Team and Individual perpetual trophies, adoption of BCA rules, and the increase in Individual participation from 4 to 8. As a WCC player, Mike participated in 3 WCC Team competitions, 2 Hi/Low competitions (with 1 first place finish) and 3 Individual positions (with one 8th place finish).


Kim Walker (San Diego) Charter Member 2005

First placed in the SDPA Open Individual tournament in the spring of 1987, also setting a league record that same season with 12 table runs. He went on to place another 13 seasons, winning 1st place 3 times. Representing San Diego with the 1st place team his first time in 1989, taking not only a 1st place team victory, but a 1st place Open Individual victory as well. He has participated a total of 11 seasons at the West Coast Challenge team event, winning 1st place 3 times. Placed in the WCC Open Individuals a total of six times, winning 1st place 3 times.



Tom Downey(Long Beach) January 2018

Let me start by saying just how much of an honor it is to be writing this letter to induct my dad into the WCC Hall of Fame. When I think of what it means to be a HoF inductee, I think of you and all you’ve done for the LBPL and WCC. From your late nights out helping someone hone in their skills and teaching them the game, to all the time and effort you put in as a board member. You started and continue to organize and run golf tournament fundraisers, from which all the proceeds go to the league. Tom’s Pool School was a big hit with a lot of new players and veterans alike. You’ve spent your own money, given your time, and all without ever asking for anything in return except that we take what you’ve given us and put it to good use. You haven’t been here since the beginning, but its hard for most of us to remember a WCC that you weren’t a part of. As long as I can remember, you have been a force to be reckoned with in the pool world, a break and run just waiting to happen. You didn’t just raise the bar, to me you are the bar. You are without a doubt the reason why the three of us play and have gotten to be as good as we are. But not only are you a great pool player, teammate, competitor, and champion, but you’re a great man, father and husband. Your love for the game is outmatched only by your love for your family. You’re good enough to win any event you choose to play in, yet you prefer to play the team event because it allows you to spend the most time you can with your family on the twice a year trips to WCC. You’ve led many teams to countless 1st place finishes in the LBPL, and many WCC team wins. I was lucky enough to be a part of two of those teams. The best pool I ever played was when we won WCC as a team. I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me, for the league, and for all of us individually. I’m proud to call you my teammate, my teacher, my mentor and idol, but most of all I’m proud to call you Dad. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you for always being there to make sure I’m doing the right thing, and making the best out of every situation. As my family begins to grow, I can only hope to be as great as you are and always have been. I love you dad, and I really can’t think of anyone else who deserves to be honored with a HoF induction as much as you do.


Charlie Tripp (Long Beach) January 2018

Charlene (Charlie) Tripp is one of the best–known and recognizable players in the league. She joined in ’05 and has participated in many West Coasts Challenges as both a player in women’s and in Hi/Lo. Charlie has also volunteered as head referee for many years and continues to do so. Her team has won our Henry Carr Sportsmanship award many years in a row. Charlie is always willing to help out where needed and does so with a happy heart. In ’10 she met her wife and they were married in ’14, that same year she joined the BOG and became our leagues Vice President. She dedicated her time and energy to the league for 3 years before passing on the position to another one of our fellow pool players. Charlies sportsmanship and character make her a valuable member of the LBPL and someone that we are all better off for knowing.


Brook Thompson Long Beach) January 2018

Brook hit her first pool ball at about 11, I tried very hard to teach her but all she wanted to do was shoot balls, hard. That ball striking carried her for quite a while even in to the beginning of her League career. She began playing in the Long Beach pool League in 1998 at the request of her friend Jennifer Pass and has played continuously since then, 40 seasons. Her first appearance at a West Coast Challenge was in San Francisco where she took 2nd in women’s behind Mele DeVictoria (Brook still talks about the safety she missed in the finals and credits this loss for when she began to think there might be more to pool than just shooting balls, hard). She has won the WCC women’s twice and the teams many times. I enjoyed being on her first WCC winning team, it was exciting to bring the team trophy back to Long Beach after a long dry spell. I know she loves her many teammates, past and present, and that they have inspired her to play better pool, be a better person and have held her up when she has struggled. But, I believe, Brooks proudest LBPL accomplishment is having been the president for 2 years. I have heard her complain, only once or twice, but she is grateful to have helped the League get along and remember it’s all about pool, friends and fun. Brook, I am very proud of your accomplishments and am honored to be a part of your Hall of Fame induction. Congratulations Daughter.


Rene and Kevin Hagaman (Long Beach) January 2016

Rene started on the Long Beach Pool League in the Fall of 1996. She was soon a participant at WCC winning 1st place Womens in San Francisco WCC in 1999 and again in Fall 1999 winning 3rd place Women at WCC San Diego. Keven joined the league the next season after Rene in the Spring of 1997. Kevin also became a regular participant at WCC’s Open Individuals. He won his first WCC trophy winning 2nd place Open Individuals 1999 San Diego and 2nd place Open Individuals in 2000 WCC Los Angeles. They have been an integral part of Long Beach Pool League ever since. Rene has played in Team, Women’s and Individuals many times. Kevin has played in Team and Individuals many times as well. They have many friends in all the leagues and even when not playing come to support.


Dan Campbell (Long Beach) January 2014

Dan Campbell started in the Long Beach Pool League in the spring season of 1999. He has played on many different teams and gathered many friends along the way. He contributed as a board member for LBPL as secretary and co-chairperson for many seasons. Dan was instrumental in helping to add a sportsmanship trophy to the LBPL. He first appeared at West Coast Challenge in the summer of 1999 where he was scheduled to be a referee but ended up getting to play and took his first trophy home (4th place open individuals). Since his first appearance he has captured many other WWC trophies including 1st place open individuals (won during the season LBPL captured all “4” 1st place trophies). Dan’s passion for the game of pool and his sportsmanship ability make him a fun and challenging opponent.


Mark Jensen (Long Beach) January 2012

Mark Jensen was born in Torrance Ca. and has been playing on the Long Beach Pool League since the early 90’s. Mark was on the Board of Governors has Treasurer for many years and has also served as WCC Tournament referee for many WCC. His support at many WCC events in an administrative capacity has been invaluable to the Long Beach Pool League over the years. He has participated in WCC in the Individuals Competition. Mark Jensen’s organizational; leadership, dedication, and people skills are a testament to his love of the league.


Randy Dickhens (Long Beach) January 2010

Randy played in the Long Beach Pool League for eleven years, and has served on the Board as Treasurer. He has been both a referee and Head Referee for West Coast Challenge on several occasions as well as participated in two Individuals events and one Hi-Lo event. He enjoyed being Captain of his teams and bringing in new members, made many great friends, and cannot remember missing a week of play. He is honored to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.


Kim Girard (Long Beach) January 2010

Kim first joined the Long Beach Pool League in 1995 and has served as Secretary, Vice President, and President. In her four seasons as President, she was instrumental in sanctioning the Long Beach Pool League with the BCA. She has competed in four West Coast Challenges in both Women's and Team events, with a third place finish in Women's competition. She has also competed in the BCA Nationals where she placed in the money. She values the time she spent on the League, has made life long friends, and is honored to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.


Candi Alvarado (Long Beach) January 2008

As a long-time member of the Long Beach Pool League, Candi Alvarado has become part of the backbone of the league. During her 12 year memberhip, she's been a board member for over 8 years, and has earned a reputation for being dependable, knowledgeable, and dedicated to serving the league. Candi serves on the Baord of Governors as Statistician, Webmaster, and is also the league historian as well as filling any role she's needed for. She has been the Tournament Director for West Coast Challenge, Head Referee on several occasions, Rules Coordinator, and has managed countless other tasks, all for which she is greatly appreaciated.


Paul Anderson (Long Beach) January 2008

Paul Anderson contributed much to the Long Beach Pool League. He was always excited to participate, whether it was as a Co-Chair on the Board of Governors, or as a league member bringing home-made food to pool league functions. A member for over two decades, Paul volunteered hundreds of hours to the pool league, eager to help out in any way he could. He was an inspiration, a friend of the league, and genuinely fun to be around.


Henry Carr (Long Beach) Charter Member July 2005

Henry has contributed as a board member for Long Beach Pool League for many years as President, Vice President and Co-Chairperson. As a dedicated Board member and player he has an eye for detail and has great organizational skills. Henry has played in many West Coast Challenges, playing in the team, individuals and Hi/Low events. He has had many great times and made many good friends through his West Coast Challenge experiences.


Jill Chop (Long Beach) Charter Member July 2005

An original board member of the Long Beach Pool League, Jill has been Vice President, Treasurer, Statistician and Co-Chairperson. She has never missed a season as a player since the league began. She has played in the West Coast Challenge as a player four or five times. Jill’s enthusiasm and dedication is infectious and is loved by all.

Art & Gary  

Art Christensen and GaryVanderwaal (Long Beach) Charter Members July 2005

Art and Gary were two people who were instrumental in getting the LBPL involved in the West Coast Challenge. They helped merge North Long Beach with South Long Beach leagues into one larger league. Each was very involved with the league and WCCs until they passed away. They are missed and would be proud of our continued participation in the WCC tradition.


Rich Curtis (Long Beach) Charter Member July 2005

Rich has participated as Long Beach ’s #1 seed at the first West Coast Challenge in which Long Beach participated. He has been a fierce competitor at many WCCs since. Rich has played in the team, Open Individuals and in the Hi/Low events. He has played in almost every WCC since Long Beach came on board. Rich has been a valued asset on the board of governors serving as vice president and co-chairperson. He has met an awful lot of nice people through this game, including some who are no longer with us. He sincerely enjoys being a part of this group of people who meet every six months to share our love for the sport.


Joe Cury (Long Beach) Charter Member 2005

Joe has been a staple on the Long Beach Pool League since its inception, including many years on the Board of Governors. He was Statistician for many years. He has been invovled in the organizatin of nearly all of our WCC events through the 90's. He has also played in the WCC events as a player. Joe is an integral part of our league with his constant smile, positive attitude and quick wit.


Stacy Harris (Long Beach) Charter Member 2005

Stacey has been on the Long Beach Pool League since the beginning. She was on the board of governors for many years. An advocate for the Women’s event at the WCC and instrumental in helping that happen. Stacey trophied the first time a Women’s event was held at the WCC (XVI) and played in many WCCs. A continuing league member and sponsor of the L.B. Pool League, Stacey is still giving to the league she loves and that loves her.


Jonnie Le Master (Long Beach) Charter Member 2005

Jonnie joined the Long Beach Pool League in 1988. She was president for over five years. She was instrumental in hosting the West Coast Challenge in a hotel venue for Long Beach . A formidable opponent, Jonnie has won 1st place in the Women’s Competition three times, 1st place in Team, 1st place in Hi/Low and placed 7th in the Open Individuals. Many proposals that became rules and practices of the WCC started with proposals she has made. Jonnie has many fond memories and accomplished many personal goals by being involved with the WCC.


Terry Martin (Long Beach) Charter Member July 2005

Terry Martin is one of our founding members of Long Beach Pool League. He was instrumental in getting the Long Beach Pool League involved in the West Coast Challenge. He helped merge the South and the North Long Beach Leagues. He was on the Board of Governors for man seasons. Terry was on the first team from Long Beach to win a WCC (XXIII) team event for our city and has played in many WCCs.


Joey Reda (Long Beach) Charter Member July 2005

Joey played in over twenty West Coast Challenges. He was on the first team to bring a WCC trophy home to Long Beach in WCC XXIII. He has placed many times in the Open Individuals. Joey was always willing to share his pool knowledge and inspirations with any league member. He had a generous and giving heart and his legacy of sportsmanship and camaraderie is something we should all strive for.


Janet Roberts (Long Beach) Charter Member 2005

Janet has contributed as a board member for the Long Beach Pool League for many years serving as President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Statistician and as Co-Chairperson. She has been involved in more than twenty West Coast Challenges as a player, playing in the team, Women’s competition and Open Individual events. She has won the Women’s’ Competition and placed five times. A dedicated board member and player who cherishes all the wonderful friends and memories she has gained from her WCC experiences.



Jose Torres (Los Angeles) August 2023

José Torres joined the Los Angeles Pool League in 1995 and has been a regular player for nearly 28 years. He first appeared in the West Coast Challenge in San Francisco in 1995 on the Little Joy JR., team. José would go on to place second in Individuals in Long Beach in 2016. Since he began in the league, José has made 17 appearances at WCC playing in the Open Individuals, in Hi-Lo and several times on teams. Outside of LAPL, Jose has won trophies at the BCA nationals, Southwest Regionals, multiple trophies in the Los Angeles Pool League and several times on first place teams. José has served on the LAPL Board of Governors for two terms and has assisted the board behind the scenes for more than 20 years with graphic arts, compiling the WCC programs, and donating space for promotions in Adelante Magazine, for which he is the editor. He has been a team captain and fundraiser for Los Angeles and the various WCCs held in LA. José Torres and partner Al Ballesteros have dedicated decades to LAPLʼs competition, camaraderie, and community.


Jon Bourgault (Los Angeles) August 2023

Jonʼs love of pool is from his grandpa Harry who taught him to play which led him to the Los Angeles Pool League in 1999. During his first 24 years in the league, he has served on the Board of Governors three separate times as secretary and vice-president as well as being webmaster for 2 years. He has qualified for the WCC 23 times, 10 times in teams, 11 times as an individual and 2 times in Hi-Lo. He won his first trophy in the Hi-Lo with Ricky Man (2002) and finished 5th place twice (2005 & 2015). During this time, he also captured the bronze medal at the 2002 Gay Games in 8 ball, a bronze in both 8 & 9 Ball at the 2006 Out-games, 5th place at the 2004 APA National Championships and 17th place in 8 ball at the 2007 APA National Championships. However, none of these are as important as the friendships he has made over the years and he is forever grateful for those. He can’t wait to see what the next 24 years have in store!



Saeromi Kim (Los Angeles) August 2023

Saeromi joined the Los Angeles Pool League in fall 2011. At her first appearance at West Coast Challenge in Long Beach 2012, Saeromi placed second in Womenʼs. Since then she has made 16 appearances at WCC, 15 times playing in Womenʼs and once in Hi-Lo. She placed 2 more times for LA, both 3rd place trophies in Womenʼs. She also won Calcutta once with Malissa Mapu, another WCC Hall of Famer. Outside of LAPL, Saeromi earned a first-place trophy in Sin City Shootout 2016, and attended the APA Las Vegas team tournaments in 2005 and 2008, representing Rhode Island in the nationals. Saeromi served in the LAPL Board of Governors in 2016 and has captained several teams, including 2 all womenʼs teams. Saeromi takes time to recruit and mentor women and nonbinary players, to increase their representation in the league as well as skill level. Saeromi enjoys competition, camaraderie, and community in league play, and loves to play amongst the regulars at WCC.



Kerri Frasca (Los Angeles) August 2023

Kerri Frasca was a member of the Los Angeles Pool League for nearly 20 years. She had 14 appearances at the West Coast Challenge and took one trophy in the Women's Tournament. During her time in the league, she served multiple terms on the Board of Governors in various positions. Her service to the Los Angeles Pool League has been in the form of assisting with cultivating new players and teams, putting together fundraisers and serving as referee during playoffs. Kerri and her wife Malisa Mapu, who is a WCC Champion herself were the registration/check in team for the WCC in Los Angeles for several past West Coast Challenges. Kerri and Malisa recently relocated to Washington State where they still play competitive pool with the local leagues.



Al Ballesteros (Los Angeles) July 2018

Al Ballesteros is a seven-term President of the Board of Governors of the Los Angeles Pool League and one of our inductees for the 77thWest Coast Challenge Hall of Fame. Under his leadership and together with the Board, Los Angeles has maintained and expanded its league to new venues, has recruited new membership and created new teams. This has allowed Los Angeles to send new players to WCC to compete on behalf of our city at home and away. 
As President of the Los Angeles Pool League, Al has led the efforts to organize two West Coast Challenge events including WCC 77. To this end, Al together with an organizing committee managed the logistics, venue negotiations and fundraising efforts. Prior to becoming league President, Al assisted other local WCC events as a sponsor donating funds to support the set-up of tables for at least five different WCC s. In most recent years, Al has taken on the majority of the fundraising efforts bringing in new sponsors to help support the WCC in Los Angeles. This fundraising effort helps provide the best venues, amenities and playing room set-up for players from all four cities. Al has also served as an official and back-up referee at approximately six WCC events away and at home. 
Al joined the Los Angeles Pool League in 1987 and played on the Little Joy, JR team. He has a continuous history of 30 years playing in the LAPL. To this end and at the local level, Al assisted in organizing at least two charity events with the assistance of the LAPL during the height of the AIDS crisis in the late 1980s and early 1990s, raising money for local AIDS organizations generated from pool tournaments and raffle ticket sales. 
Al first captained one of the Little Joy teams which went to the West Coast Challenge in the spring of 1992. Al has been to WCC seven times on a team, five times as an individual and once on as a hi-lo player.


Malisa Mapu (Los Angeles) July 2018

Malisa Mapu started playing pool in the San Diego pool league in the fall of 1999 and from the beginning was winning qualifiers to get her to WCC. In January 2006 she took her first trophy at WCC as the first-place woman and has not slowed down since. In her lengthy career she has qualified to play at WCC a total of 17 times and has won a total of 11 trophies for the Women’s Division and one first-place trophy for Individuals. She has represented 3 cities at WCC winning trophies for all of them and through it all she has remained humble and always willing to support and teach along the way. She continues to give at WCC every season whether she is playing, running the tournament, refereeing or making people laugh. She has been a part of this amazing group of pool players for 19 years and hopefully will continue for many more years to come. One thing is for sure, no one is happy when they see her name in the same bracket as their own. In addition to her stellar pool playing, Malisa has been involved in assisting with the West Coast Challenge organizing and especially this WCC77. As a multi-term board member of the Los Angeles Pool League, Malisa has assisted in organizing our league locally with fundraising, logistics and development of new players on her teams. Her colleagues on the Board truly value her and her involvement to make the LA Pool League and our participation in the WCC the best that it can be. Thank you for all the many years of service!


Brian Haneiwich (Los Angeles) July 2016

Bryan joined the Los Angeles Pool League in the Fall 2004 season at the age of 25 and after having played a couple of seasons in the 9 Ball league. By the Spring of 2005, Bryan had qualified for his first WCC appearance in the Open Individuals. During the time between 2005 and today he has appeared in 18 WCC events, 14 times as an Individual, 2 times in Teams and 2 times in Hi-Lo. Bryan won his first WCC trophy at WCC LIX taking 4th place in the Open Individuals. Since then he has achieved four more Open Individual trophies and a First Place Hi-Lo finish for a total of six. Bryan has been a member of the Board of Governors for the LAPL since the Spring of 2015 and has been the webmaster for the LAPL since 2012. He received a special recognition award from the LAPL for his work on the website in the Spring 2013 season. With respect to LAPL play, Bryan has won the League's Individual Championship 4 times with 3 second place finishes. Bryan's service to the West Coast Challenge has been as a player, volunteer referee, an organizer of WCC LXXIII and as the webmaster of the LAPL keeping statistics in order.


Phil Stephens (Los Angeles) July 2016

Phil Stephens has had an extensive record of service to the West Coast Challenge for many years in different capacities. Phil initially became involved with the WCC in 2005 as a referee. Since that time, Phil has participated in at least 19 WCC events as either a referee, board member, WCC committee member or player. Phil attended 15 WCC events in a row from 2006 to 2013. As a player, Phil participated in the Open Individuals in Spring 2010 in San Francisco and also captained a team that represented Los Angeles at the Fall 2015 WCC in San Diego. Phil served on the WCC organizing committee for Los Angeles three times and was the WCC Committee Chairperson at WCC LXI 2010 in Los Angeles. Phil has served as an LA representative committee member at the WCC at least ten times. He soon successfully petitioned the Board of Governors of the LAPL to add a new sponsor location and convinced twelve new players to join the LAPL to start two teams at the Gold Coast Bar in West Hollywood. Phil was elected to the Board of Governors of the LAPL in the Spring of 2006 and served nine terms as Statistician. He served as President of the LAPL in Spring 2010, Fall 2010 and Spring 2011. Phil served two terms as the Chair of the Rules and Protest Committee from 2012-2013.


Julian Auzenne (Los Angeles) July 2014

As a Louisiana native, Julian first joined the Los Angeles Pool League in August 2010 after playing many seasons in LA's 9-Ball League. Julian was selected to be a member of the LAPL Board of Governors where he served as Treasurer. Prior to joining the LAPL, Julian joined the Long Beach Pool League in January 1998 and has served as Co-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and Vice President. He was instrumental in sanctioning the Long Beach Pool League with the BCA. As a member of both LAPL & LBPL, he has competed in several West Coast Challenges in Hi-Lo, Team and Individuals events, with a first place finish in Hi-Lo (Spring 1998), a third place (Spring 2006) and fifth place (Spring 2000) finish in Individuals competition. He has also competed in the BCA Nationals where he placed in the money. He is honored to be inducted into the Hall of Fame and values the friends he's made along the way. A quote that describes Julian best is "I learned long ago that those who are the happiest are those who do the most for others" - Booker T. Washington.


Julian Auzenne (Los Angeles) July 2014

As a Louisiana native, Julian first joined the Los Angeles Pool League in August 2010 after playing many seasons in LA's 9-Ball League. Julian was selected to be a member of the LAPL Board of Governors where he served as Treasurer. Prior to joining the LAPL, Julian joined the Long Beach Pool League in January 1998 and has served as Co-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and Vice President. He was instrumental in sanctioning the Long Beach Pool League with the BCA. As a member of both LAPL & LBPL, he has competed in several West Coast Challenges in Hi-Lo, Team and Individuals events, with a first place finish in Hi-Lo (Spring 1998), a third place (Spring 2006) and fifth place (Spring 2000) finish in Individuals competition. He has also competed in the BCA Nationals where he placed in the money. He is honored to be inducted into the Hall of Fame and values the friends he's made along the way. A quote that describes Julian best is "I learned long ago that those who are the happiest are those who do the most for others" - Booker T. Washington.


Russ Peppin (Los Angeles) July 2012

Russ Pepin was born in Massachusetts. He left New England, moving to Washington D.C. in 1981. He became an activist for gay rights, involving himself in multiple gay sporting activities. He served in numerous player and administrative positions and interfaced with local, national and international authorities to improve both the available facilities and profile of the gay community. Russ moved to San Francisco in 1991 and immersed himself again with the sports network. He was elected to the SFPA Board eventually as Vice President volunteering his time as both a manager and player at all levels. A prodigious fund raiser, he has been honored by multiple leagues for his "Calcutta" auctions generating substantial funds for charities. The passing of his close friend and fellow SFPA member Luby Pelletier motivated Russ to organize more than a decade of annual 8 and 9 Ball fund raising events in Luby's honor. Russ transitioned to Los Angeles and soon was elected to the LAPL Board. He has served as Treasurer, Tournament Chair and Vice President. Russ has multiple Open individual accomplishments and has been a member of numerous championship teams. HIs distinguished service to both the SFPA, our League and the West Coast Challenge have more than justified his induction into the Hall of Fame.


Dale Beattie (Los Angeles) July 2010

A native Californian, Dale joined the L.A. Pool League with the commencement of our Fall 1992 season. Dale served with distinction on our Board of Governors as Vice President, Secretary and Rules & Protest Chair. He is also a talented Bridge player and avid golfer. He was awarded the Bronze Medal during the "scratch" golf event at the 1986 Gay Olympics II held in San Francisco. Always a focused competitor, he was a member of the top LAPL team in the Fall 2003. Dale's six LAPL and two WCC Open Individual championships along with his WCC second, fourth, seventh and eighth place Open personal finishes underscore his skill and concentration. His service on the WCC Committee and as a judge on numerous occasions is a testimony to his competence, fair mindedness and good sportsmanship. While serving multiple terms as our Rules Chairperson, he earned the confidence and admiration of our membership and his WCC Rules counterparts with well written and concise proposals leading to important revisions and clarifications to both our League and the WCC.


Gibbi Tkatch (Los Angeles) July 2010

Gibbi joined our League more than a decade ago. He started at the top on Lauren Ward's winning Shooters team with a first place in WCC XLI (July 2000). He had a long history in the BCA (2003 Trainee of the Year, 2004 Rookie of the Year, 2006-2007 BCA Referee of the Year, 2009 ACS Referee of the Year and currently Tournament Director of BCA's 9 Ball Challenge). He has supplied tables multiple times in San Francisco, Long Beach, and Los Angeles. He additionally provided stick repairs and anything else related to the equipment end of our game. His gifts of cues and other items to the various cities to use as WCC raffle items have been appreciated by all. Joining LA 10 years ago he has played in almost every WCC in either Hi-Lo or Team, placing first in Hi-Lo (WCC LV, WCC LVII) and Team (WCC XLI and WCC XLIII). He has been on LA’s team most seasons in this past decade including the last 4 WCCs in a row. In the LAPL, Gibbi has also been busy. He married Anna in 2004 and got elected to our BOG. He has served multiple seasons and delivers the same level of support as he does to the WCC. His generous donations as a sponsor add something special to our events. In short both LA and the other WCC cities are happy to share him with Anna.


Vern Addison (Los Angeles) July 2008

Vern Addison was inducted into the Hall of Fame on July 13th, 2008. She has made (14) WCC appearances. (13) appearances in the Women's Open Individuals. 3rd Place Women's Open WCC XLI (Jul 2000), a HI/LO appearnacne with Ian Dodrill WCC LI (Jan 2006), Judged at WCC XXXV (Jul 1997), WCC XXXVI (Jan1998), WCC LIII (Jul 2006) and WCC LIV (Jan 2007)


Rick Ayers (Los Angeles) July 2008

Rick Ayres was inducted into the Hall of Fame on July 13th, 2008. He has been an LAPL member since 1983. His WCC history includes (7) Team appearances and (9) Open Individual appearances. 1st Place Team WCC XXIX (July 1994), 8th Place Open Individuals WCC XXXV (July 1997), 8th Place Open Individual WCC XLI (July 2000), 5th Place Open Individual WCC XLII (Jan 2001), 1st Place HI/LO w/Kerri Frasca WCC XLVI (Jan 2003), and 2nd Place Open Individual WCCLVI (Jan 2008).


Stevan Bailey (Los Angeles) July 2006

Inducted into the second group from Los Angeles, Stevan has had an impressive record performance: Nine team championships - WCCs- XXI (7/'90), XXXII (1/'96), XXXII (7/'96), XXXV (7/'97), XXXVI (1/'98), XXXVII (7/'98), XXXIX (7/'99), XLI (7/'00) and XLII (7/'01). Five Open Individual placements: Third - WCCXX (1/'90); Second-XXXVII (1/'99); and First Place at WCC XL (1/'00). Stevan has won our League's individual championship four times. Stevan owned and operated Rawhide/Shooters, the location for multiple West Coast Challenges. He received the John E. Isakson Memorial Award for his outstanding contributions as a sponsor of the L.A. Pool League. He recently relocated to Hawaii.


David Boyd (Los Angeles) July 2006 

David joined our league in the late 80's with the encouragement and guidance of early League supporters Jeff Lusiak and Carlos Navarrete. A three time WCC team champion: WCCs-XXI (7/'90); XXXV (7'97); and XXXVI (1/'98). Two Open Individual finishes: Fourth = XXXI (7/'95) and Sixth - XLV (7/'02). David won the League individual championship once and has numerous finishes in the top eight. His tenure as team Captain has proved to be highly successful with multiple top four team wins over the past 20 years. This season, David represents us again in the Open Individuals (LIII/'06). As a long time supporter of the League, we congratulate him on his induction into the WCC Hall of Fame.


Frank Bustamante (Los Angeles) Charter Member July 2005

Frank first appeared on our records at West Coast Challenge II. He is a member of thirteen WCC championship teams. He also won three 4th place finishes in the Open Individuals, along with two 2nd and one 1st place which came on his birthday in 1981. He was a Hi/Low winner partnering with Olive McLaughlin. Frank has received Los Angeles Leagues’ “Sportsmanship Award.” He has always been one of those players who took the time to help others with their game. Frank has consistently been able to amaze us with the “clutch” wins at crucial times to send a match into overtime or defeating his individual opponent while making them feel somewhat good about the experience.


Paul H. Bussiere (Los Angeles) Charter Member July 2005

Hailing from New England’s Cape Cod , Paul, a Maser Electrician and entrepreneur served nine terms on the Board of Governors for the Los Angeles Pool League. In the team events, Paul has won twice. However, in the Open Individuals he has been outstanding, receiving one 8th, three 6th, one 4th, one 3rd, one 2nd, and three 1st place finishes. Those of us who saw Paul play was amazed at the speed at which he could execute shots. When he got in the groove, he proved to be an extremely tough competitor. His life was tragically shortened due to illness.


John Cochran (Los Angeles) Charter Member July 2005

A member of the Los Angles League for nearly 25 years, John has serve 27 terms on the Los Angles Pool League Board of Governors, including five times as President. He has represented LA as a Hi/Low and Open Individual player in the West Coast Challenge. His firm and steady hand as Tournament Director has brought stability and professionalism to the LAPL hosting responsibilities. John is an immensely popular with our members, and he has a wonderful, positive attitude and an enviable record as a fund-raiser.


Joe Dale (Los Angeles) Charter Member July 2005

Joe Dale was born in Golden Valley , Minnesota and is one of the few West Coast Challenge players to have played from more than one city. He started playing in Long Beach in the late 1980’s and was on the first winning WCC team at WCC XXIII in San Diego. He was on the winning Hi/Low team at WCC XLI, Joe played in more than a dozen WCCs representing both Long Beach and Los Angeles . He is a great supporter attending most fund-raisers in whichever city he is playing. HE has braved his illness and carried on providing stiff competition whenever he plays.


Jack Frohman (Los Angeles) Charter Member July 2005

Jack holds the extraordinary record of 11 Los Angeles Pool League individual titles. He has nine West Coast Challenge team championships, and in the Open Individual’s he has four 4th, four 3rd, one 2nd and two 1st place finishes. As sponsors, Jack and “Butch” opened the “Palms, “ the first women’s bar in the Los Angels Pool League. He has also hosted the WCC at the “Four Star Saloon”, later “showplace” on several occasions. Jack is a true Southern gentleman with a relaxed charm, he has incredible focus and a strong will to win. In the 1980’s, after undergoing an eye operation, Jack played an entire season with a patch over one eye. He still had a record of 37 wins and 3 losses and won the Open Individuals at WCC. How does that make you feel?


Jeffrey Hersh (Los Angeles) Charter Member July 2005

Jeffrey was born in New York and has a B.A. in U.S. History and Political Science. He also has a Pre-law degree and has worked for 30 years in musicians’ management. He moved to California from Boston in 1979 and joined the Los Angeles Pool League in the Spring of 1981. Jeffrey has served 11 terms as President. He thrives on detail and has organized the West Coast Challenge at the Hollywood Roosevelt as well as numerous others. HE has eight LAPL team titles and two WCC championship team victories. In the Open Individuals, Jeffrey has finished in 7th, 6th, twice in 5th, 4th, and 3rd.


Bob Holden (Los Angeles) Charter Member July 2005

Bob was born in Long Island , NY . HE joined the league early on and was instrumental in arranging the first inner-city challenges between the Los Angeles Pool League and the San Francisco Pool Association. He was the winning Captain of three Inter-City matches that preceded the West Cost Challenge. He was a co-founder of the LAPL 9-ball League and served on the LAPL Board of Governors (8 ball League); and was League historian. He held the record for the most LAPL team championships at 15. He succumbed to cancer in the Fall of 2000.


Bill Hoover (Los Angeles) Charter Member July 2005

Bill was born in Ohio . He is currently serving his 13th term as President of the Los Angeles Pool League. He has attended almost every West Coast Challenge since inception. He has chaired the 5oth anniversary committee for the WCC. HE has served on nearly all WCC committee delegations representing LAPL. Although he has participated in 11 WCCs as a player, he has primarily concentrated his efforts in the administration and operation of many WCC tournaments. He has probably judged more final team matches than anyone else in WCC history. He is most proud of being a primary driving force in causing the WCC Hall of Fame to come into existence.


Lauren Ward ( Los Angeles and San Francisco ) Charter Member July 2005

As a San Francisco native, Lauren forged a friendship with Luby, Rick Mariani and Gene Miller in the early 1980’s. She joined them to win (3:00 am at the Arena) West Coast Challenge V. The Board of Directors nabbed her talents as Head Referee for many years. Lauren contributed much to the WCC. Among those was the proposal for a Women’s Tournament. In the Fall of 1987, Liza and EZ formed a team which won WCC XIV in Reno . Lauren captained a number of winning teams in SF for the WCC. In the Fall of 1994 she moved to Los Angeles , and immediately took her second Open Individual title in WCC XXX. She hooked up with Steven Bailey and Frank Bustamante to bring home the WCC XXXII title and from then on they have multiple wins. Lauren says, “What surpasses every accomplishment is the loving friendships I’ve treasured over the years and the delight in visiting so many friends at each WCC events while realizing, its not how good you’ve been-it s how good you will be.”



Marquita Booth (San Francisco) January 2007

Marquita has been a member of the SFPA since 1983, first playing on Maud’s Squad for Rikki Streicher. She has won three SFPA Women’s Tournaments and finished in the top four many times. She has also been a frequent player in the WCC Women’s Tournament, winning three times (July 1993, July 1997, July 1998) and taking 2nd (twice), 3rd, and 4th. In January 1995 she was a member of Cinchtrifical Farce, winners of the WCC team competition. Marquita has also been a frequent Gay Games participant, winning a team gold medal in San Francisco in 1986, and team gold and bronze medals in Vancouver in 1990, In the Police Summer Games of 1998, in New York, she took the bronze medal.


Lisa Duncan (San Francisco) Charter Member July 2005

Lisa was born in Richmond , Calif. and grew up in Healdsburg , Calif. She has lived in San Francisco since 1982. She joined the SFPA in 1983 under the guidance and inspiration of Lauren Ward. Lisa is still a current member. Lisa has been on 8 city championship teams that led her to the West Coast Challenge. Two of them resulting in WCC championships in 1987 with the Deluxe Ducks and in 1990 with Cafe San Marcos Quackers. Lisa's many individual accomplishments have also let her to the West Coast Challenge. Lisa has competed in 8 open individuals WCC events and 8 WCC Women's Tournaments placing 5 times. All in all Lisa has competed 24 times in the West Coast Challenge. Lisa has served 11 seasons on the SFPA board and was inducted into the SFPA hall of fame in 1997.


Rick Bradford (San Francisco) Charter Member July 2005

Born and raised in Michigan , Rick and his partner Dennis left Detroit in March 1983 and never looked back. That summer, Rick found a sign-up notice at his local bar (Deluxe) about a pool league. The rest is history. Having just completed his 44th consecutive season in the SFPA, Rick has become the longest-serving board member in SFPA history. Known more for his leadership qualities (and his green visor) than his pool game (though he's working on changing that), Rick has participated in more than three dozen West Coast Challenges, playing in a few but generally working behind the scenes to help keep the show running smoothly. He has been a part of the SFPA's three-member representatives on the WCC board during that time.


Rick Mariani (San Francisco) Charter Member July 2005

Rick is a nativie of San Francisco and now lives in Vallejo (just south of Napa valley) where he owns a commercial photography studio. Rick began his SFPA experience in the Spring of 1980 and retired from league play in the Fall of 2004 for a total of 50 seasons. Rick was a member of 21 SF Championship teams and played each of those seasons. He also competed in the West Coast Challenge Individuals many times finishing second twice, third twice, as well as sixth. Rick competed 27 times in West Coast Challenge events. Rick has been a SFPA board member, financial contributor, and a sponsor of the Rickspix pool teams for many years. Rick also created photo trophies and t-shirts for WCC XXX which were treasured by all who won them.


Gene Miller (San Francisco) July 2005

Pool fascinated me from the first moment I saw the shiny balls bouncing around the cushions. I was 12 and my uncle Elmer had just put a table in his house. He wanted me to join his team. The next season, Fall 1979, I joined Bruno's team, playing for the Arena, a Folsom Street bar. In Spring 1980 I joined Luby Pelletier's team, playing out of his little pool hall at Valencia and Duboce. That summer our team won the first West Coast Challenge, competing against teams from Los Angeles and San Diego . In 1982, after two years as league secretary for the SFPA, the league voted to pay me $50 per season, and I became its first salaried employee. I am honored to be included in the WCC Hall of Fame.


Mark Miller (San Francisco) January 2007

Mark joined our league in 1989, two years after moving to San Francisco and a year after taking up the game. He has won the SFPA All-Star Tournament twice and thirteen other SFPA tournaments. At WCC he has won both the Open Individual (July 1997) and Hi/Lo titles (Jan 1997) , and also has 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 8th (twice ) in Open Individual. He was co-director (with Jack Dunbar) of WCC XXX and XXXIV.season and has served many seasons on the SFPA board. He is currently Vice-President.


Luby Pelletier (San Francisco) Charter Member July 2005

Luby was instrumental in putting together the tournaments leading up to the first official West Coast Challenge. Without his vision, the WCC may never have occurred. He was a wonderful man who had the patience and willingness to teach potential players the game of pool, for which he was so fond. He played in at lease a dozen Challenges, helping six of those teams to the title.


Tom Seymour (San Francisco) January 2009

In 1978, the San Francisco Pool Association (SFPA) was formed and Tom played for the Cinch on Polk Street. In 1979, he qualified to play in his first major tournament, the BCA National 8-ball Tournament in Louisville, KY, by winning a qualifier sponsored by his good friend, Luby Pelletier. He won the WCC team at WCCIII in San Diego. Elected to the SFPA Hall of Fame in 2004. He also served as a board member for the SFPA for several seasons. Competing at numerous West Coast Challenges over many years, Tom has represented San Francisco on several teams, selected WCC MVP five times, won the Open Individuals 3 times, won at least 3 team championships, and the Hi-Lo.


Bob Simon (San Francisco) January 2015

Bob came onto the San Francisco Pool Association (SFPA) pool league scene in 2003. During his 20+ seasons with SFPA, Bob and his various teammates collected a total of 18 SFPA City Championship 1st Place trophies. Bob and his teams have also had the honor of receiving 1st Place Team trophies at 7 West Coast Challenges during his SFPA pool career. His most recent and significant contribution to the SFPA was his ongoing efforts in making sure we were granted our 501(c)3 tax‐exempt status. As a result of his hard work and determination, today we are recognized as an official Non‐Profit Organization.


Dave Timko (San Francisco) January 2013

Bio Coming Soon!


Lynn Westhoven (San Francisco) Charter Member July 2005

Born in Toledo, Ohio in 1959, raised in Huron, Ohio, where I lost much of my paper route and lawn care job money paying for table time, so the town's pool 'masters' could run tables on me (don't tell Mom!). Attended University of Toledo and Ohio State and moved to Denver in 1982. Spent many a Friday controlling the pool table at the Foxhole bar in Denver . Moved to SF Bay area in 1984 and started running into SFPA league players at the Badlands bar. West Coast Challenge 1st Place team wins: July '93, Jan. '94, Jan. '95, Jan. 2000, Jan. 2001, Jan. 2003. WCC MVP award: in '90, '93, '94, '98 & 2000. WCC 1st Place Individuals Tournament: Jan. '98 & July 2001. There has not been a more fun, familial, stressful, challenging and rewarding pool experience (in my life) than the West Coast Challenge!


Elliot "EZ" Zalta (San Francisco) Charter Member July 2005

As a youngster growing up in Florida , I was fascinated by a pool table in my cousin's house. It was rarely used for pool, as my uncles and older cousins often played craps on it. Then, at age 15 in Brooklyn , NY, I lied about my age to get into the local pool room. I practically lived there the next 4 years. Didn't play much again until 1978. On a warm day in SF, I dropped into the Rainbow Cattle Co. for a beer. After winning about 15 games of 8-ball in a row, a man came up to me and asked if I wanted to play in a league. That man was Luby Pelletier, and the rest is history. I played on the first West Coast Challenge championship team, Luby's "A". During the next 25 years I have played in about 40 WCC's. Teams I have been a part of have won 9 championships. Individually, I have won 2 first place titles, been 2nd five times and third three times.