SDPL - Amended BCA Rules

The rules and bylaws of the San Diego Pool League are available to you at the links below. The Bylaws of the League relate to the officers of the league and the standard operation. The Match Policy and Procedures and the Amended BCA Rules of Play are the rules that the SDPL enforces during regular season play.

Should you have any questions regarding the rules or bylaws, please contact a board member or plan on attending a regularly scheduled Board Meeting.


1. It is not a foul to accidentally touch one object ball. If such an accident occurs, the player shall allow the opposing player, in regular league play, or the referee, in a play-off match, to restore the ball to its correct position. If the player does not allow such restoration, and a ball set in motion as a normal part of the shot touches such an unrestored ball, or passes partly into a region originally occupied by a disturbed ball, the shot is a foul. In short, it the accident has any effect on the outcome of the shot, it is a foul. In any case, the opposing player, in regular league play, or the referee, in a play-off match, must restore the positions of the disturbed balls as soon as possible, but not during the shot. It is a foul to play another shot before the opposing player or referee has restored any accidentally moved balls.

2. It is a foul if you disturb more than one object ball.

3. It is a foul if a disturbed ball contacts any other ball.

4. It is a foul to accidently touch the cue ball.

Scoresheet Instructions
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Rule Clarifications
For any rules of play questions, please call or text Jorge Calvo at (760) 717-9900.

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